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Yoga For Seniors

Yuva vruddho tivruddho va vyadhito
durbalo' pi va abhyasat
siddhimapnoti sarvayogesvatandritah
He who untiringly practices Yoga in all its aspects attains success even if he is young, old, decrepit, diseased, or weak
Hath Pradipika 1:64

Yoga can never be termed under ‘one size fits all’ rule. Each body is different and so is the difference in the practice methodology. Yoga is for all, but not in one form. It needs careful evaluation of one’s age, gender, medical history and level of practice to decide the practices one shall perform. We keep this in consideration while designing the practice methodology for our students.

Our message for seniors, you’re never too old to reap the rewards of yoga. Yoga can benefit you, if done under proper guidance, with special care and attention while imparting the practices, and also while performing.

Keeping the above in consideration, we have a program specially for you, 'Yoga for Seniors'. It’s a novel practice methodology which we create after studying your medical history and body status, that emphasises on improving overall health conditions including mobility and eventual functional status.

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