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Hathavidya School of Yoga in Singapore stands out as a beacon of authenticity in an era where yoga has been heavily commercialized and diluted. Founded by Acharya Bala, Hatha Vidya is dedicated to preserving the original spirit and teachings of yoga, which are rooted in India's rich yoga heritage. Acharya Bala meticulously researched across India's ancient Gurukulams to uncover the purest form of yoga, ensuring that the practices and philosophies are passed down through generations without modern influences.

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Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of Hathavidya Yoga and unlock a world of holistic well-being. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, Hathavidya offers a comprehensive approach to health, combining physical postures, breath control, and deep meditation to nurture both body and mind.

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Improved Physical Health
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Spiritual Growth
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Yoga Philosophy


Listen to the Hathavidya Yoga Philosophy Podcast by Acharya Bala to get to the heart of classical yoga. Discover the keys to complete health by delving into age-old knowledge, investigating life-altering techniques, and more. Come along with us as we explore the ageless teachings of Hathavidya in search of self-knowledge and tranquility.

Workshops & Retreats

Participate in workshops and retreats offered by Hathavidya Yoga School to undergo profound change. Engage in an immersive experience of seasoned instructors guiding you through traditional yoga practices, which include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy. Our retreats, situated in tranquil, natural environments, provide the ideal getaway to revitalize your physical, mental, and spiritual being..

Haṭha Vidyã unveils the world's first comprehensive Twelve-Year Sadhana program.

12 Years of sadhana

Sadhana is a discipline undertaken to achieve a specific goal. And the main goal for any spiritual seeker is to get to know one's own true nature; to understand one's ownself completely, in order to be able to understand the cosmos therein.
As a man goes through life, performing all his duties and responsibilities based on each stage of life, he experiences periods of joy and despair, of pain and happiness. And then there comes a time when he pauses, takes a step behind, and starts to question the reason and significance of this whole process of life. As per the philosophy of Karma, a human being takes birth in order to exhaust his previously accumulated karmas; the ones that he has accumulated in all of his past lives. And it is said that one can gain a certain amount of control on his present life only once he has exhausted all of his Prarabdh karma or the Karma that has led him to take the current form and placed him in the situation that he is, in this lifetime.

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