Reglar Classes

The Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School of Yoga welcomes you to embark on a transformative journey through the enduring practice of Haṭha Yoga. Our standard program offers a welcoming environment for individuals of all skill levels, from those who are new to the field to those who are seeking to improve their skills.

Our regular classes focus on the practice of asanas, fundamental pranayama techniques, and meditation. Although we practice yoga in a group setting, we offer individualized training that adheres to a structured methodology, taking into account the student's age, physical condition, previous yoga experience, and medical background. In accordance with our system, we enforce a restriction on class sizes, this ensures that each student receives individual attention on a one-to-one basis, which is consistent with our established practice. We prioritize the elements of Yoga, allowing practitioners to achieve the authentic advantages of the practice. Our classes focus on incorporating the five essential elements into asana practices to enhance the overall experience.

Flow (Vinyasa): Mindful movement, placing body parts with awareness to attain and release yoga postures.

Breathing (Shwasa): Synchronizing breath with body movements during yoga postures.

Posture Maintenance (Stithi): Holding yogasanas for optimal durations to maximize benefits.

Focal Point (Drishti): Focusing on specific internal and external points after attaining yoga postures.

Relaxation (Vishranti) : Ensuring the body is in a relaxed state during and between asanas.

Regular classes are separated into

The Basic course, meant for beginners, presents and reaffirms the principles of yoga for the best possible study of Haṭha Yoga practices. In order to help practitioners smoothly transition to more complex and advanced practices with comprehension and concentration, this course offers gradually arranged basic practices.

After finishing the Basic Level, practitioners can enroll in the Intermediate Level. This level is intended to support practitioners as they develop and strengthen their muscles via yoga. This method aids in the practitioner's establishment of a solid psychological and physical base for achievement.

Those who wish to study more advanced asana practices and how to employ them for meditation can enroll in the Advanced Course. To aid students in their work, this level introduces advanced breathing techniques and Shodana Kriya (Cleansing Practices).

21 Vital Asanas

Sukshma Vyayam(Body Conditioning)

Suryanamaskar(Sun Salutation)

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation Techniques Level 1&2

Introduction to Yogic Breathing

Anuloma Viloma

Energisation Techniques

31 Asanas

KumbhakaPadhati(Breath Retention Techniques)

Meditation Technique (level 3&4)

Yoga Nidra

Introduction to Bandhas (3 Bandhas)

Yogic Cleansing Process (Kapalabhati)

32 Asanas


Asanas As Meditation

Yogic cleansing process

Jala neti- Nasal Cleaning With Water