500 Hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The 500-hour Advanced YTT program aims to assist Yoga instructors in establishing and embodying their learning. The curriculum is advanced not just in terms of the subtle yogic practices taught, but also in terms of acquiring deeper insights into ancient yogic books that supplement and support the subject under study.

Our 500-hour AYTT curriculum is approved by the World Yoga Federation, which enhances the credentials of any practicing Yoga Teacher.

Course Duration & Schedule

The whole course will last 8 months (500 hours), with 32 weekend sessions. On weekdays, students can participate in regular practice sessions. The 500-hour AYTT program is offered twice a year.

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

To participate in the 500Hrs AYTT program, you must first complete the 300Hrs YTT program with us. This course is ideal for people who want to expand their understanding of yogic practices and advance in their yoga journey.


1st Phase

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

4th Phase

**Subject to the Practitioners progress and weather conditions