Mitahara - The Yogic Diet

Controlling the mind is what yoga is all about, and that means controlling the senses as well. The tongue (Rasa indriya) is one of the most important sense organs, and you can't learn yoga without being able to control it. Keeping the other indriyas in check means staying away from things that activate them.

Hatha Vidya Traditional School Of Yoga

7/4/20241 min read

But restricting food doesn't help because it makes a person more irritable. That's why Anhara (no food or less food) should be avoided and Mitahara should be practiced instead to gain mastery over the indriyas.

Mental Attitude while eating

People today are only now realizing that the mind and body are connected. However, wise people from many centuries ago already knew this. People know that what they eat shapes them, so the thoughts they have while shopping for, making, cooking, and eating directly impact their minds the next day. Yoga places a lot of value on eating with the right frame of mind. To get the most out of food, it should be eaten without any other thoughts, and it should be respected and received with joy and gratitude.