Science Of Breath

The initial act of life and the last is breathing! Actually, our breath is what keeps us alive on this planet. Tragically, though, the great majority of us are ignorant of how to do it properly or with awareness these days.

Our vital energy is called prana, and 'ayama' means 'control' in Sanskrit. To manage our lifeforce, or vital energy, is what Pranayama implies taken together.

This subtle force within is manifested grossly as breath. Thus we have to start with our breath in order to be able to regulate the prana.

With years of practical experience at his side, our Acharya Bala will reveal profound insights into this Science of Breath in this workshop. Among other things, regular practice of breathing control helps not only physically but also eventually leads to the attainment of an equanimous state of mind, which is the ultimate aim for all spiritual seekers.

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