Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Overview of Yoga Therapy Fundamentals

Modern medicine excels at treating symptoms, but yoga therapy goes deeper, addressing the underlying issues that cause them. Along with diseases that are obvious, yoga therapy often helps with psycho-somatic illnesses, which are the result of stress and anxiety. These deep rooted emotional blockages, invisible to the physical eye, can be addressed through yoga's ability to transcend the limitations of the Annamaya Kosha (physical sheath).

Yoga therapy works by systematically progressing through the Pancha Kosha (five sheaths): Anamaya Kosha, or Gross Body Level; Pranamaya Kosha, or Subtle Body Level; Manomaya Kosha, or Mental Level; Vijnanamaya Kosha, or Intuitive Level; and Anandamaya Kosha, or Blissful State. As the ancient yogic principle states, "Aathi leads to Vyathi," implying mental disturbance (Aathi) manifests as physical illness (Vyathi). By addressing these imbalances across the koshas, yoga therapy fosters self-actualization and empowers individuals to live a life brimming with contentment and well-being.

Why Haṭha Vidyã's Yoga therapy ?

Hatha Yoga, one of the most significant yogic practices, is more than just postures. It's a science of holistic purification, with therapeutic benefits as a natural outcome. Hatha Vidya offers a unique yoga therapy program that stays true to the roots of Hatha Yoga. Instead of focusing on medical diagnosis or treatment, this program empowers yoga instructors to guide students with various health challenges and limitations safely and effectively within the framework of yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga Traditional School of Yoga's Yoga Therapy program is classified into two phases. The Foundation Level (300 hours) provides you with a strong foundation in therapeutic yoga principles. Building upon this base, the Advanced Level (500 hours) deepens your understanding and empowers you to guide a wider audience.

Hatha Vidya believes that knowledge alone isn't enough. Yoga therapy is a distinct practice, best taught by those who have gained expertise and knowledge in the field through years of experience. That's why our faculty includes three renowned yoga dignitaries from India, alongside Acharya Bala, your dedicated mentor who guides you through each phase. This unique combination ensures you gain not just theoretical knowledge but also practical insights into how different yoga methods can uniquely impact individuals.

Finally, our Yoga Therapy courses are endorsed by Yoga Alliance International, adding credibility and world-wide acceptance of your qualifications. This ensures your position as a well-rounded and capable yoga teacher. Join Hatha Vidya to enjoy a unique and transformative experience that equips you with the required skills to guide students to a healthier life.


Haṭha Yoga is a scientific discipline that aims to achieve complete purification, ultimately yielding therapeutic benefits. It serves as a precursor to personal enlightenment and is an essential health discipline. In retrospect, it has proven to be efficacious in eradicating numerous maladies and defects.

Yoga therapy, structured by Hatha Vidya, covers four dimensions. These are: preventive, curative, adjuvant, and palliative.





Preventive: Adhering to the saying "prevention is better than cure," yoga therapy integrates practices that help prevent diseases. By improving body alignment, strengthening muscles, enhancing self-awareness, increasing flexibility, and potentially lowering blood pressure, yoga therapy promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Curative: Yoga therapy also has curative aspects, focusing on the body's healing potential. Through specific breathing techniques, detoxification exercises, and muscle stretches, it can rejuvenate the body, reduce pain, and release tension and other symptoms associated with illness.

Adjuvant: Yoga therapy demonstrates positive effects on chronic illnesses. It improves the medical condition of people and aids in recovery when supplemented with other treatments.

Palliative: Palliative yoga therapy manages the psychological aspects of chronic pain. By easing anxiety and depression, it enhances patients' quality of life.

Yoga Therapy works in four dimensions

Course Duration & Schedule

Hatha Vidya’s Foundation-Level Yoga Therapy (300 hours) and Advanced-Level Yoga Therapy (500 hours) are designed to complete the curriculum within 8 months. Students can also engage in additional daily practice sessions on weekdays.

The course syllabus

Those who have completed 300 hours and 500 hours Teacher Training programme with Hatha Vidya Yoga Centre are eligible for Hatha Vidya’s 300 hours Foundation level Yoga therapy and 500 hours Advanced Yoga therapy. Medical practitioners who have completed 200 hours or 300 hours of yoga teacher training are also eligible for this.

Suitability and Considerations for this Course